Little Disney Things
Disney do’s
  • don’t over pack your bag for a day at the parks, pack the must haves; sunscreen, camera, phone, money, park ticket and other must have items
  • check the weather for they day before you head out, if it’s going to rain later make sure to bring that poncho!
  • wear good walking shoes you know you’ll be comfortable in. 
  • Don’t line jump, people will understand if you need to jump out to take a little one to the rest room though. 
  • Pace yourself!
  • take breaks!
  • Three o’clock parade is a must, even if members of your group don;t want to, they’ll thank you later. 
  • Wishes!
  • Take breaks on the people mover, it’s a good breeze and fun!
  • remember your manners
  • thank a cast member for their help
  • Be kind to other park guests
  • Keep your party together, it’s always good to do a head count every so often, especially with little ones. 
  • And Have fun!